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It is the branch of medicine that deals with healing of diseases by astrological measures. This is basically a fusion of Ayurveda and Astrology. As a fundamental principle Ayurveda believes that the Planets, Stars & other celestial bodies have definite effects on the human body and hence can influence health & disease. Whatever elements sustain the Universe also exist in the human body and vice versa. Hence any change in the Universe is likely to affect the human body either positively or negatively. The good effects of stars and planets bring health and prosperity while their bad effects cause disease and misery. If stars can badly affect our health to cause disease, there must be some remedy for saving our health from all these bad effects. This idea has made the practitioners of Astromedicine to look forward.

Astromedicine can forecast prognosis, help in diagnosis and can also provide an insight for the treatment or prevention of a disease. Astromedicine uses some religious rituals, mantra, yantra, gems etc. for the above purposes. We have well qualified and experienced astrologers working in close co-ordination of Ayurvedic Physicians who can provide individualised solutions for your health problems through Astromedicine.