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Stress… Stress…. Stress….. May it be your workplace or home, your native place or foreign, this very word always creates panic in you. Fast changing life style and work culture in the present time gives one thing for sure in return i.e. “Stress”. This can reduce your work efficiency by affecting your physical and mental health and further decrease your quality of life. What you need to beat stress is a well-designed relaxation therapy.

A Relaxation therapy calms an overactive mind, soothes the nervous system, reduces stress, anxiety, fear, and mental exhaustion, improves sleep patterns and restores balance to body, mind and soul. It makes an environment where you can be at peace with yourself. Many procedures like Abhyanga (Oil massage), Swedana (Medicated Steam bath), Shirodhara, Sarbangadhara etc are parts of the relaxation recipe.

A gentle herbal aromatic oil massage followed by a warm medicated steam bath will relax your muscles and remove exhaustion. Shirodhara and Sarbangadhara treatments are also deeply relaxing. In Shirodhara, you will be reclined comfortably on a massage table and covered with a blanket. Then warm herbal oil or medicated liquid will be applied in a gentle stream over your forehead in a rhythmic pattern. This will invoke deep rest, release of tension and mental peace. In Sarbangadhara, the whole body will be irrigated with rhythmic herbal oil pouring followed by gentle massage that will relax you completely. Take a slow and deep breath and reconnect to your inner self while enjoying our fully personalized “Relaxation Therapies”.