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Every one of us wants to look beautiful and young but few are blessed enough to do that. Many things have an adverse effect on our beauty. They are stress, pollution, toxins in food and drink, synthetic beauty care products, unhealthy food habits, premature aging etc. Beautiful skin plays a major role in the overall beauty of a person. But how to get it? The answer lies in Ayurveda, which has described ways to enhance your beauty and make your skin look young and healthy. And more importantly it is done in a natural way.

One such natural way to promote beauty and give your skin a healthy look is “Nasya’. It is a specialised Panchakarma therapy in which the toxins from your head region are expelled out through the nasal route and medicated oils are administered to nourish your brain and sensory organs as well as facial skin. As a result you get a glowing skin and your sensory perceptions will also be enhanced. Apart from Nasya, there are many more therapies to make you look more beautiful and take care of your skin by giving it a new look.

Our personalized beauty and skin care packages also include Herbal oil massage, Udbartana (massage with herbal powders), Herbal face packs, Herbal steam bath etc. A full plan can be chalked out keeping in view of your requirement and body constitution.