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What Vamana is?

Literally vamana means vomiting. This Panchakarma procedure is done by means of induced emesis to expel out the vitiated dosha and mala (i.e. the toxic body metabolites) from the stomach through mouth. Vamana is the specific therapy for Kapha related disorders.

How it is done?

Before vamana as a preparatory process the patient is administered with oil/ghee everyday with an increasing dose for up to seven days (until the stool becomes oily, or until he or she feels nauseated). On the night before vamana the patient is given oil massage(abhyanga) and fomentation(swedana) along with a special kapha increasing diet. Then on the day of vamana the patient is again given a kapha increasing diet along with abhyanga and swedana. Then the patient is required to drink large quantities of milk and sugarcane juice followed by a special herbal decoction to help him expel out vitiated dosha and mala from the body. After the procedure is over the patient is advised to take rest and follow a special diet for 3/5/7 days.

What diseases Vamana helps to cure?

Chronic cough, sinusitis, foul nasal discharge, Asthma, chronic skin disease, Spondylitis, Loss of appetite, Indigestion, chronic gastro enteritis, Obesity, Lactation disorders, Laziness, Sore throat, Ear discharge and other Kapha related disorders.

What are the benefits of Vamana beside direct treatment?

A healthy person should undergo vamana once in a year as it cleanses the stomach, promotes the health, improves immunity and has anti-aging effects on the body.