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Sun - Sat : 9 AM - 12 PM / 5 PM - 8 PM

What Nasya is?

Nasya is a Panchakarma Therapy that means administering drops of herbal liquid preparations or medicated oils through nose. It is meant for purification of the head region in which vitiated doshas and toxins accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head are eliminated. It keeps the eyes, nose and ear healthy if done on a regular basis.  

How it is done?

As a preparatory procedure the head,face and chest of the patient is massaged with medicated oil and steam bath is given to the massaged portion of the body. Then the patient is made to sleep on his back with head reclined. The medicated liquid or oil is then administered in drops to both nostrils consecutively. Patient is advised to inhale the medicine slowly and expel it through his mouth. Therapy takes 45-60 minutes

What diseases Nasya helps to cure?
Sinusitis, Chronic corrhyza, Tonsillitis, Hemi crania (one sided headache), Frozen shoulder, Non specific alopecia (Early loss of hair), Epilepsy, Epistaxis (Bleeding from nose), Facial palsy, Hoarseness of voice, Stammering.

What are the benefits of Nasya beside direct treatment?
 If done on a regular basis it prevents hair fall and premature graying of hair and beard. It also improves the fairness and glamour of the face.