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There is an ancient saying- “Heal Thyself”. More often than not, there comes a time when all external efforts to cure an illness becomes futile. It is only then, that we need to look inwards for help. The powers of mind are unlimited and can work miracles if properly used. But most of us use only one third of our total mind power. It is through meditation only that we can make our mind realise its full potential and cure diseases that seem incurable. Meditation is also helpful in stress related mental diseases and improves the quality of life.

The modern lifestyle produces constant stress which results in acceleration of heart rate, rise in Blood Pressure (B.P), increase in the muscle tone and resultant increase in Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Meditation reduces mental stress by giving maximum rest to the brain. Lowering of BMR and reduction in oxygen consumption by meditation leads to marked mental relaxation, lowering of B.P, muscular relaxation and improved cardiac function. Moreover, constant and sincere practice of meditation lowers the plasma cortisol levels, which gives relief from mental stress.

In Ayurdwar we guide you through meditation sessions to use your latent mental powers to enrich your own life as well as cure your long standing diseases.