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What Upanaha is?

Upanaha is one of the four types of Swedana(Fomentation therapy).It is a special therapy for reducing pain and inflammation of joints or a body part. This therapy includes application of a specially prepared herbal cream on the painful site. This therapy is preceded by Abhyanga.

How it is done?

First the affected part is gently massaged by warm oil. Then the prepared Upanaha material selected according to the condition of the patient is heated gently and applied on the affected part. After applying the hot paste, the part is covered with leaves and is then bandaged with cotton and leather or cloth.The application of heat and the herbs applied causes relaxation of the muscles and tendon and relieves pain and inflammation.

What diseases Upanaha helps to cure?

Chronic Arthritis, Tennis Elbow.

What are the benefits of Upanaha beside direct treatment?


This procedure relieves stiffness, heaviness, coldness and induces sweating.