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What Takradhara is?

Takradhara is an accessory Panchakarma therapy in which a continuous stream of warm medicated buttermilk is poured onto the forehead in a special rhythmic swaying movement for about 45 minutes. This procedure often induces a mental state of well-being, which creates profound relaxation of the mind and body. It is deeply relaxing in nature and revitalizes the central nervous system.

How it is done?

First the eyes of the patient should be covered with eye-pads and gauze or other suitable material should be tied around the head above the eyebrows to prevent the Dhara Material entering into the eyes. The ears should also be plugged with cotton pieces or ear plugs. Then the patient should lie in a supine position on the Droni. A small pillow should be placed under the neck for comfort. Then the Dhara material should be warmed and poured onto the forehead in an oscillating manner through a Dhara Pot. The poured material is again collected and applied after reheating. The process is carried out for 45 minutes.

What diseases Takradhara helps to cure?

Insomnia, hypertension, psoriasis, stress, anxiety, chronic headache, mental disorders etc.

What are the benefits of Takradhara beside direct treatment?


Improves blood circulation
Takradhara helps to overcome stress related disorders and nervous disorders. It helps to stabilize the mind and increases memory and concentration. It relaxes the mind and stimulates vital centers on the brain.