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What Sirovasti is?

In this therapy, warm medicated oil is retained over the head for a certain amount of time in a closely fitted leather cap, thus allowing the scalp to soak in the therapeutic oil. This treatment is highly effective for diseases of the head, ENT and other vata related diseases.

How it is done?

First warm herbal oil is applied all over the body to prepare the body for the main treatment. It helps to rejuvenate the nerve endings. Then a leather cap of about ten inches is tied around the head. The capis kept in place by tightly wrapped cloth bandages to preventleakage of oil. Patient then seats in a upright position and the warm medicated oil is poured on the head through the sleeve and retained there for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then the oil is drained by bending the head slightly and making small openings in the bandage.

What diseases Sirovasti helps to cure?

Anxiety, Facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, Insomnia, Neurological disorders, Psychological disorders, Skin disorders such as Eczema &Psoriasis, Ear Ache, Stress, Headache, Mental Disorders, Diseases of Eye, ENT Problems.

What are the benefits of Sirovasti beside direct treatment?


Relieves Stress and revitalizes the entire nervous system.