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Sun - Sat : 9 AM - 12 PM / 5 PM - 8 PM

What Sali Shasthika Pinda Sweda is?

Sali Shasthika Pinda Swedana is a type of therapy in which hot boluses containing rice cooked in milk and other herbal ingredients are gently applied over the body. It is a swedana (fomentation) therapy commonly used for neuro-muscular diseasesand muscular weakness.

How it is done?

It is a highly effective rejuvenation therapy in which a special type of rice is cooked along with specific herbs, tied into boluses and dipped into an herbal decoction and warm milk. Two to Four therapists then skillfully massageall over the body with the boluses simultaneously for 30 minutes after the Abhyanga.

What diseases Sali Shasthika Pinda Sweda helps to cure?

Paralytic strokes, Lower back pain, Emaciation, Debility, Monoplegia, Osteo-Arthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

What are the benefits of Sali Shasthika Pinda Sweda beside direct treatment?


It has anti-aging and rejuvenating effects over the body and strengthens body tissues. It also improves blood circulation and beautifies skin.