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What RaktaMokshana is?

RaktaMokshana is one of the Panchakarma procedures that is carried out for purification and cleansing of deep seated blood toxins. It is a Para surgical procedure where vitiated blood is eliminated from the body either by phlebotomy (withdrawing vitiated blood by small incisions on the blood vessels) or by application of leach.

How it is done?

The patient undergoing Raktamokshana should be asked to sit or lay down. Then the medically eligible leech should be applied to the diseased spot. If the leech does not start sucking blood then a drop of blood should be kept over the affected part and the leech will start sucking the blood. If at the biting site needling pain and itching appear it indicates that the leech is sucking pure blood and is suddenly removed by pouring rock salt at its mouth. As soon as the leech is removed it should be dipped in dilute saline water, turmeric water and plain water one after the other. By this process the leech vomits out the blood immediately. Once used the leech is not fit to be used again for at least seven days.

What diseases RaktaMokshana helps to cure?

Various skin diseases like chronic Eczema, gout, enlargement of spleen and liver, jaundice, filariasis, several pitta related diseases, alcoholism etc.

What are the benefits of RaktaMokshana beside direct treatment?

It purifies the blood, promotes health and improves immunity.