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What Panchamrita Dhara is?

In this therapya special liquid containing milk, honey and other drugs (Panchamrita) are poured over the body by two or four Ayurvedic therapistsin form of gentle continuous streams through kernels/mugs. This is an innovative and unique therapy developed specially by the research staff of Ayurdwar. It is a highly refreshing and rejuvenating therapy.

How it is done?

In this therapy two or four therapists standing on either side of the patient pour the special liquid (Panchamrita) in a uniform stream by the help of kernels/mugs. The process is carried out in seven body positions for 45 minutes.

What diseases Panchamrita Dhara helps to cure?

Skin pigmentation and Pitta related disorders.

What are the benefits of Panchamrita Dhara beside direct treatment?


It has a very cooling effect upon the body and mind.