Opening Hours

Sun - Sat : 9 AM - 12 PM / 5 PM - 8 PM

What GreevaVasti is?

GreevaVasti is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment in which warm medicated oil is retained inside an herbal paste boundary over the neck region.

How it is done?

First the patient is made to lie face down on the Droni or massage table. A rectangular or circular reservoir made of black gram dough is built up on the neck region. After ensuring that this is leak-proof, a lukewarm medicinal oilis slowly poured into it. The oil and the receptacle are kept on for about half an hour. During that period the oil is kept warm. After that the oil and the dough are both removed and the affected area may be gently massaged with the same oil. The therapy takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What diseases GreevaVasti helps to cure?

Pain and stiffness in neck, cervical spondylitis, referred pain in hands and shoulder pain.

What are the benefits of GreevaVasti beside direct treatment?


This therapy is very useful in maintaining normal structure and working of neck region.